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A Small Request From Your Host (and probably your cousin!): I pay for this site on a monthly basis and I never charge anything. All I ask in return is that you contribute in what small way you can. I'm no longer sharing everything I have compiled and paid for only to get no help. If you do not have anything, that's understandable but if you do have information that's missing or, especially, old pictures of the family, I ask that you please share. It only benefits all of us and I'll happily give you credit.

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This family history site is dedicated to four main families. My dad's side: Kramer and Roots and my Mom's side: Heitink and Vanderlinden. My ancestors on the Kramer side originate from Dalum, Germany and the Heitink side was from Ede, Holland.

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The Glanzman Family
The Glanzman Family
Front: Sr Mary Theresia Glanzman, Magdalena Stedelman Glanzman, Joseph Glanzmann (3rd Great Grandfather)
Back: Magdalena Glanzman Droll, Paul Glanzman, Peter Glanzman, Christina Glanzman Bachman

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